User-Centered Peripheral Stent Delivery Device

The Hummingbird system addresses RSI with an ultra-intuitive form factor driven by sound human factors engineering.

Delivering a long stent into the vasculature (in rare cases up to 300mm in length) requires a huge amount of individual actuations with the thumb, subsequently, there is a real risk of repetitive strain injury (RSI) developing.

The associated force required to deliver a stent into complex and tortuous vessels can also be extremely high, the thumb is largely controlled by the intrinsic muscles of the hand, which although are excellent at delivering precise control, are not optimised for delivering high levels of force

This is compounded by the multiple actuations required which can lead to fatigue of the thumb in many cases.

Rather than single thumb actuation for the whole stent deployment, the thumbwheel is used for initial deployment and then the users can active mode button (locking thumbwheel and engaging trigger handle).
The trigger handle is then used for rapid macro deployment. This drastically reduces the chances of RSI developing.

The hand pump action used for the trigger handle utilises the large extrinsic muscles of the forearm, which are optimised for delivering large amounts of controlled force. Making the Hummingbird the ideal stent delivery platform while maintaining the necessary level of precision.

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